Katerina Salaka has a passion for helping people realize their goals and a strong commitment to outcomes.

Katerina is known for her courage, vision, her ability to see in the future and her natural talent of out of the box thinking

She is personally trained by the legendary Mary Shakun executive coach to Fortune 500 CEOs, and Mary and Katerina stay lifelong friends until today.

She is a

  • certified NLP practitioner Basic
  • NLP Master Practitioner


  • NLP Trainer (American University of NLP)
  • Certified in Business Coaching
  • Master in Business Coaching (AUNLP)

She also has a certification in Communication-Persuasion.

She is also a member of the American Union of NLP.

In her early years she was trained in Tokyo Japan in the Nippon Kokusai Kanko Kaihatsu Center (Japan National Center for Tourism Development) and she took part in the project of the tourism development of Vietnam and Laos.

She has a Diploma from the College of Tourist Guides Greece with a strong focus on Archeology and History and she still holds the National License.

She speaks fluently Greek, English and Japanese. She also has a good knowledge of German.

For more than a decade she has been researching and studying how the brain works has attended seminars all over the world and followed exceptional coaches and mentors  and has helped many people realize their goals and achieve a new way of life based on self-confidence and prosperity mindset.

Among her clients are Entrepreneurs, CEO’s and politicians from Greece and around the world.

Katerina  is committed to lifelong learning and helping people realize their goals, she likes travelling, public speaking, she enjoys the company of positive people, good food and good ideas.

She has flown an airplane, travelled extensively, promoted innovating ideas, she has friends from all over the world, and has worked pro bono with underprivileged people and she claims to be a world citizen.

"You are the architect of your own life. You are totally capable of designing and living a masterpiece if you choose"

John Assaraf