This program is designed for experienced executives with about 20 years of experience who want to renew their excitement and commitment to themselves and reinforce their efficiency and role in the organization.

This particular program can be enhanced with personal coaching in order to have better results because experienced executives have developed behavioral habits and approaches due to their experience and it is often a challenge for them to change their thinking and for example adopt new communication tactics.

Also experienced executives may face personal issues that disorientate them and, as my experience has shown, distract them from their job and from being 100% committed to achieving the goals of the organization (e.g. divorce, middle-age crisis, burnout).

Key features of the program as a seminar
    • Strengthening leadership skills
      • Renew the leadership style to inspire your team Leadership through collaboration
      • Growth mindset. Embrace innovation and embrace change
      • Empower your personal style and image
      • Self-confidence strengthening
      • Creating a new vision for the future and recognizing your role in the organization
      • Conflict management
      • Stress management and stress-elimination techniques
      • Effective communication techniques and NLP strategies
      • Emotion management
      • How to Avoid a Burnout Welfare Strategies
    Key features of the program in personal coaching sessions
    • This is a highly personalized program for successful Leaders and people with high social and financial standing.

What you gain - Results

  • Senior executives with a renewed sense of optimism and enhanced confidence and self-esteem
  • Leaders who can communicate their vision clearly and inspire their team to move forward with a sense of collaboration and that they truly belong somewhere
  • Inspired leaders who can apply innovative strategies and provide insightful solutions by enhancing the organization’s role in the world market

"Your circumstances aren’t holding you back your decisions are"

John Assaraf