How I Became A Coach

My Story

I didn’t set out to be a coach. Or at least I didn’t know I was on my way to become a coach. I am not one of those cases overflowing the internet today saying “I couldn’t stand my corporate job and I thought what else can I do? I will become a coach: flexible hours and better income”

On the contrary I loved my job -I was working as Japanese speaking tour guide -I still hold the license – and I was enjoying every minute!
But my personal life was a mess, I was struggling every day for my finances, I couldn’t make ends meet, I was looking at the people around me and I was wondering
“What am I doing wrong?” “How come so many people are doing so much better than me? Do I have to believe that all other people are smart, and I am the only one so stupid?”
Every single day I was smiling on the outside, but I was silently living in fear and doubt and the disappointment was getting bigger and bigger.!

I’m a Certified Coach

I remember it was 2007 when I read “the secret” by Rhonda Byrne and for the first time I heard that I can restart my life, make all my dreams come true and reach financial success! I was beside myself with joy! I so wanted to believe it’s true! Hope! I can! I can be successful too! I can have a meaningful life!

I searched the world to find the people who were teaching this theory. I travelled a lot! I attended seminars! I met extraordinary people and amazing coaches! I spent sleepless nights on my computer at a time when the internet was so slow in Greece that a 10minute video with Bob Proctor was interrupted 46 times and every time I was refreshing the page again and again until I got a message from the support team saying “ We have never seen such persistence Katerina! Don’t ever stop until you reach your goals” And I haven’t stopped or ever will stop in the future!

Thank you support team! For me it was the first time in my life that someone was encouraging me and motivated me to move on and they seemed to believe in me! That was the moment my life changed forever, and I am so grateful for that!

In the years that followed I went from seminar to seminar and read all the books I could think of, done all the programs I could find studied with most renowned coaches. I was learning a lot and I was testing everything new. I doubled my income for the first time! My work was doubled too.

Instead of me chasing my clients it was my clients chasing and begging for me to help them! I was experimenting with every new technique or something new I was learning. I tripled my income the time that Greece was under the great recession when everyone around me was losing income! And I was sleeping safe at night! I got so much work to do that I fell from exhaustion!

Putting theories to the test

For one more time I had to put all these theories to the test. And it worked! I believed in me and the power of my subconscious mind and I visualized myself in the future strong and healthy “mind over body” as they say in Asia -the recovery was so quick that the doctors couldn’t believe their eyes – they were questioning their knowledge and their experience!

It was then that I got passionate! Now I wanted to learn everything about it ,how our brain works, how come we can produce results that defy logic, how can we use this power, how we can change, I wanted to learn I wanted to understand as much as I could. My journey lead me to Neuroscience that studies how our brain works and to the leading experts of the world. And to NLP that for decades now has been implementing all those things that Neuroscience reveals to us now. I dedicated all my time to learn and in my journey I met amazing people,coaches,mentores,gurus, authors,and people who like me were on their journey to find their purpose and have dedicated their life to help others.

It was a friend of mine who asked for help the first time. He was a high executive who had lost his job and he was totally desperate. It was the time that we could only hear about people being fired and companies going bankrupt. He implemented what I told him and found a new job and doubled his salary! Then came another friend another high executive who had lost his job and had lost his hope to find another. I challenged him. Not only you will find a job but this one will be the dream job for you. He didn’t believe me! Of course, he found a job and according to him “It was the job he was dreaming of for years”.

My next client was an entrepreneur. His company was losing money it was on the edge for bankruptcy. I convinced him to work with me and a few months later he was a success, doubled his revenue and expected much more in the future. Next came a young girl. She was living with phobias and panic attacks her life was hell. Within a few months she had completely recovered and with her newly found self-confidence she started creating her life full of joy and anticipation! Then came more clients and more clients. And the more amazing results I had with my clients the more I wanted to help more people!

It is the look on their face when they tell me how well they are doing now and that they couldn’t believe they would reach success when we were starting together! It is this sense of getting benefits defying logic, the feeling I get from transforming impossible to possible, from seeing my clients on the highest pedestal full of pride holding the gold medal.

This is what motivated me to become a coach. The joy and satisfaction I get from being able to help other people achieve their dreams ,even the dreams that seemed impossible to them, the joy and satisfaction I get from teaching people how to use their own power, the joy and satisfaction I get from seeing people who lived in agony for their finances to live in prosperity now and enjoy every moment of their lives, the joy and satisfaction I get from seeing people who felt weak and helpless becoming giants.

And the more I see my work touching more and more people’s lives and bringing benefits to them the more I feel the strength and the need to move forward, and the more I feel that this is the reason I came on earth, this is the reason I was born and the more I enjoy my path, my journey and my persistence to learn more and more every day.

"There are no limits to what you can accomplish except the limits you place on your own thinking"

Brian Tracy