Personal Coaching

Personal Coaching: How it Helps You Grow As a Person

A journey from being an average employee working 9-5 six days a week, to your own entrepreneurial setup, can be very long and you’ll need some skills for that. Here’s possibly a way that can help you.

The purpose of personal coaching is to help an individual rapidly evolve as a person, get more efficiency and effectiveness and be more satisfied in their life.

What is Personal Coaching?

Personal coaching is a technique to help people develop and get better in almost all fields of life including but not limited to:

  • Business Success
  • Personal Growth
  • Relationship Success
  • Career
  • Health
  • Finances

Typically, personal coaching helps the subject set improved goals, take the necessary action to achieve them, be able to overcome indecisive nature and take solid decisions and make the best use of their personal capabilities and aptitude. In the personal coaching process, the subject has listened carefully, their behavior is observed closely and then they are provided with help that is customized to fit their specific needs. Coaching provides the necessary guidance and support needed to improve and polish the resources, skills, creativity and mental ability the client already has.

Personal coaching is essentially a two-way process. Both the coach and the subject need to play their roles in order to make personal coaching successful. The coach typically provides a broader perspective to the subject and the subject, in return, is supposed to take the steps suggested by the coach to attain the targets they have set.

How Personal Coaching Works

The main method of teaching and helping a person in the process of personal coaching is through advice, encouragement, and motivation. One thing that needs to be made clear that coaching here does not mean the same way it does in sports coaching. The non-sports coaches are not experts in the technical fields of their clients.

They are, instead, seasoned in providing inspirational and motivational advice and guidance to make their client grow as a person that ultimately has a positive impact on all the fields of the client’s life including their work or business.

Personal coaching is a process in which the coach helps a person run a self-analysis for their behavior and approach to the world and hence enable them to think in a more focused way and improve their personality as a whole. Unlike psychologists, coaches do not offer a lot of specific advice, rather enable the subject to think in a way to effectively solve their problems.

It is not consulting or therapy

It is easy to confuse personal coaching with mentoring, advice, counseling, therapy and consulting but it is a process distinctively different and considerably more effective than all of these. Personal coaching has a great impact on all fields of the subject’s life including business, personal projects and an overall change in the subject’s life.

Personal coaching starts with the assessment of the current situation of the client and their environment, identifying the obstacles in the client’s path to achieving their goals and developing a course of action to take the client to the point they aspire to achieve.

While therapy or counseling might have somewhat of a general approach for all people availing the service, the personal coaching process is specifically developed for an individual. Another big difference is that therapy focuses on solving the problem at hand and coaching means to enable the person to solve their problems in life even after the procedure has ended. Moreover, coaching polishes the skills the client already has and uncovers their actual aptitude.

The Personal Coaching Process

The actual process, as mentioned earlier, varies from case to case but there are some basic methods that are used in the process of personal coaching. Most of the methods have their roots in the principles of goal setting. In short, the coaching process includes helping the client to set higher goals in life and follow a path that can make it possible for them to achieve those goals.

Mainly, personal coaching focuses on bringing positive change to the life of the client by value assessment, mentoring, behavior modification and a number of other related techniques and processes. Personal coaching brings positive change in the current and future behavior and personality of the client.

The skills personal coaching focuses to improve include but are not limited to inquiry skills, listening skills, reflections skills and a broader perspective to tackle life as a whole.

During personal coaching, the client is held accountable by the coach but the ultimate goal is to enable the client to conduct self-analysis and hold themselves accountable for things happening in their lives later on.

The Benefits of Personal Coaching

Personal coaching can be really helpful in improving a number of personal and interpersonal skills of your personality. It can make you a better, stronger person afterward. The salient benefits of the process include

  • helping you find out what is deep down in your own heart and make you realize your true goal in life
  • equipping you with the necessary personal skills to make you decisive in your life and more focused on what you are doing
  • helping you eradicate the obstacles that are keeping you from achieving in life what you want to achieve
  • Makes you believe in people, develop a strong sense of trust that can make you good at business ventures and initiatives
  • Enable you to seize moments in your memory that you can refer to and take guidance from them later on
  • Makes you open to change to think out of the box and in an artistic way of your own and come up with creative ideas whenever circumstances are suitable

"There are no limits to what you can accomplish except the limits you place on your own thinking"

Brian Tracy